Image Fader

Blends two images together with varying dominance.


A simple effect that transparently shows one image on top of another. You need to open both pictures and then you can play with the control to specify the "dominance" that the second image has on the first. At zero you only see the first image, at 50% the images are displayed together and at 100% you only see the second image.

The first image should be larger or the same size as the second. Anything larger in the second image is ignored (actually its cropped internally).


This little project developed after a job interview where the interview talked about a possible project that involved transparently displaying one image over another. I suggested it could be done simply by averaging the pixels (RGB intensities) but he doubted me (he wasn't sure himself how this could be done).

Later I proved the principle in Paint Shop Pro in a few seconds (using its arithmetic functions). It then took me 15 minutes to write a program that you can download here, without the dominance factor, which took me another 10 minutes to figure out and implement.

To check out my programming skills he had asked me to do some simple data buffer conversion. I'm thinking had I been awake on the day and shown him this I may have got the job. :(


This is the second version which now supports JPEG as well as Windows Bitmap (BMP) files.

Windows 32-bit zipped executable 264kB
Delphi 5 project source 2.6kB

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