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Wildlife Photography
Wildlife Photography
Australian Orchids
Australian Orchids
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Places and Scenery

Also on my site but under less development are my Delphi Programming area (with free utilities and Delphi source) and my Cars Gallery. You can also view my Guest Book (and sign it too).

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For a long time I have been interested in computer programming, photography and the internet. This site is the culmination of all these.

Firstly it is running on my own server (actually the one at my work) so I have no practical limitations on data storage or traffic (though it is only running via an ADSL line so broadband users may find access on this domain a little slow). I have found that "free" hosting services to be rather limited in storage space and/or data transfer. Additionally there is the bonus that my visitors don't get bombarded with annoying ads (although I have found banner ads in documents generally get ignored by experienced web surfers).

Secondly, you are seeing this from my own server software (written in Delphi of course). I have full control over how things are done and am free to add features to it. A long-term dream of mine is to run some web games like SOL (build an intergalactic empire) and Utopia and Earth:2025 (War/Fantasy games). I used to play these games a lot over past years but have not ventured to those lands recently. I hope to develop some sort of strategy and/or fantasy game some time. I have been programming since the late 80's on my Commodore 64. For a few years I called myself "Whiplash" and was involved in some fun things on a fun machine. For about a decade now I've been a professional programmer, mostly in delphi on Windows.

Most of the data on my various sites are now related to my photography hobby. Ever since getting my first digital camera (Olympus C-3040Z) in late 2001 I haven't looked back. Since I am completely digital in my work this is perfect for me (I view, process and share digital photos - I almost never print them). In late 2004 I damaged my Olympus and had to buy a new camera. I got a Konica Minolta Dimage Z3. It has good features, like 12X zoom, but still only 4M pixels (in three years that hadn't gone up much).

I am mainly going under the pseudonym of AusDigi in most online forums at the moment, mainly because I post photos. My name is Reiner Richter and I live on the edge... the edge of town... and this is my domain. I would have liked a better domain name but I wanted a domain name in Australia (as that is where I am) and to have a or I'd have to register a company named such which all costs extra $. In the end the domain is the cheapest for someone in my position (an individual like you). For these the name must match or be similar to your name.

Some of this information may not be of interest to many but it would help people who have lost me to find me. I doubt anyone would read all this anyhow so I might add something strange like LDA#$45. Please also note that I accept donations in the form of money in any amount from anywhere at any time (ok, maybe just at the next mail delivery, but please don't hesitate to transfer your wages directly into my bank account).

To contact me, try my spam collecting account below for a delayed reply or send to anything at this domain.

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